Feb 27th Meet OP SUCCESS!

This Eve Dublin was a great success with 60 people in attendance! (56 players, 2 CCP Devs, and +2 non-players)


We started off with a few introductions of CCP Affinity & CCP Foxfour and the plan for the evening.


Here are some photos from the night: Eve Dublin February 27th 2016


We launched our new website for Irish player Meets: EveDublin.com with details of the next Dublin, Belfast & Cork meets!


The table quiz was challenging and very fun, and I’d like to thank Icarus Narcissus for putting a lot of time and effort into making the questions! He even does a separate listing of sources per answer for any potential disputes.


We raised a glass for Rabidslug, a member of the Irish community that passed away recently, and to all players no longer with us.


Unfortunately our poker organiser (and all the poker sets) weren’t able to make it due to RL stuff, so the prizes for this went into a big raffle of goodies!


CCP brought tons of swag and did a quick raffle of t-shirts, mugs, hats, and a signed copy of Eve Into The Second Decade.


The meet was sponsored by EveBet, Trillionaire, and IWantIsk. Both EveBet & Trillionaire provided isk codes for every attendee of the meet so that they can create a new island of gambling addicts. EveBet also sponsored the lore quiz prizes and gave 10 PLEX which I raffled off to some lucky players! IWantIsk donated 10 jump freighters, which I also raffled off.


Thanks again to CCP for all their support, coming over to Dublin, advertisement, shoutouts on The o7 show, and for such great prizes!


Also thanks very much everyone who came along and made it such a great day out and I hope to see you at the next Dublin meet on August 27th & 28th!


Top level trolling that happened with THIS REDDIT THREAD about “CCP FoxFour confirming WH stabilisers”.